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    French migrant family of 10 who turned down THREE houses as 'too small' are warned they have one more chance before they're homeless. Couple with eight children refused five-bed council house

  2. www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2287978/...Shocking-pictures-Luton...

    Concerned with Luton's image, a local photographer wandered the streets of the Bedfordshire town and took this worrying photographic portrait.

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    Delivery information for our online greetings cards. Shipping And Handling . All UK orders over £4.00 with be shipped free of charge, Orders less than £4.00 cost £1 to ship .The Postage and Packaging cost includes the cost of all envelopes supplied and is not simply the cost of a stamp.

  4. time.com/3666893/royal-family-gifts-declared

    Buckingham Palace has revealed all the official gifts given to to royal family in 2014